Michael King, KING 5 EVENING 10:19 a.M. PST November 24, 2015

Seattle, WA --- What do 13 million dollars get you nowadays?

A house within a house!

A floating theater!

A family room that becomes an outdoor party in 10 seconds!

It's Laurelhurst beauty built in 2008.

The most expensive home on the Seattle market has an extra 3-bedroom guest home that blends right into the main house. But with space between the walls and separate entrances, it's the perfect escape for guests, permanent or otherwise.

The in-home theater and its 145-inch screen is vibration proof. Built on rubber discs with walls that do not tough the house, it is the perfect place to watch a movie.

And the star of the show is the family room. As you walk in, you can retract six floor-to-ceiling, sliding glass doors to let the outside in. Perfect, as you are just steps from Lake Washington, looking directly at Mt. Rainier.

13.2 million dollars and it's yours!

Carl Shaw from John L. Scott would be glad to sell it to you!


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