Jonathan Mathews is the Principal Designer of KWANCHAI - jonathan mathews design group, one of the leading full-service design firms in Seattle which offers the vision of an independent owner/designer.

Jonathan’s interest in design began at an early age. Born in Thailand, Jonathan lived overseas and throughout the United States before settling in the Pacific Northwest. His love of life, design and art led him to Bellevue College where he served as the fundraising chair of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Student Chapter and earned an AA degree in Interior Design. While attending Bellevue College, Jonathan honed his exceptional client service skills as the concierge for the Seattle's esteemed Alexis Hotel.

Jonathan’s success at a local design firm contributed to its eventual acquisition in 2003. Rather than join the corporate system, Jonathan chartered KWANCHAI with the vision of cultivating meaningful connections with every client.

Following years of hands-on experience, KWANCHAI has evolved into an elite source for our clients' every design need. Whether it be interiors, visual media, private parties or small to large-scale events, each project is approached as a collaboration between designer and client. The result: inspiration is realized and an ongoing relationship is born.

The work of KWANCHAI has been featured in the Seattle Times, MO magazine, Flossin, The SGN weekly newspaper and recently in the hardcover book, Dreaming Green: Eco-Fabulous Homes Designed to Inspire by Good Morning America producer Lisa Sharkey.

Jonathan was selected in November 2009 as one of Out Magazine's "Basil Hayden presents The Out Style Set" personalities.

Jonathan’s vision includes giving back to our community. KWANCHAI hosts fundraising happy hours during which local non-profit organizations are invited to introduce their causes. In return for KWANCHAI's sponsored evening of food, drinks and entertainment, guest donations support the featured organizations.


Our Mission:

reason made visible
calm discovered dynamic
beauty rendered bare

Together, we’ll create a project concept and forge a transformed space, that is uniquely your own. We integrate architecture, materials and interior design into an innovative vision with strongly developed statements and carefully crafted details.

KWANCHAI designs are rooted in elegant simplicity and comfortable functionality, fusing beauty in form with clarity in purpose.

KWANCHAI tailors "Green" to fit you:

...on Design

Starting with the initial consultation, the client is asked to participate in a comprehensive project methodology. All labor and material is assessed based on the impact it has on the environment, creating a product source plan. Keeping an eye on the aesthetic requirements, all products are evaluated based on their organic value, recycled content, toxicity and proximity to the project. The approach allows us to blend traditional Interior Design techniques with current technology, creating beautiful eco-friendly spaces.

...on Events

Our design approach is framed by an eco-minded view that we should continuously seek to capture re-usable materials from previous work. By maximizing reused content along with recycled elements in transformative “second life” applications, materials take on new form and function. By doing so, we participate in our community’s shared goals of supporting sustainable lifestyles and a healthy environment.

...on Community

Through KWANCHAI hosted Happy Hours, we identify the needs of a featured non-profit organization and compare this list to an inventory of matching goods available from our clients and friends. When donated, items which are no longer needed by one person or group, find use and value in a new home.

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